How to Sell Your Mineral Rights

If you are the owner of known mineral rights, it is the most likely scenario that you are constantly bombarded with offers to buy those rights. There are a lot of buyers in the United States who crave these mineral rights for industrial purposes but are counting upon general ignorance in order to purchase these rights for a price that is much lower than they are actually worth. So maybe you are looking to let go of this property but are unaware of how to sell mineral rights – that is where some expert help can be of use.

In the United States, if an individual owns a particular patch of land – whatever minerals that can be unearthed from that land is the property of the owner, thereby protecting the owners’ rights. These rights can, of course, be sold. The US is considered special in this regard since there are no other countries, according to, that practice this kind of freedom with regard to these kinds of rights.

Selling your rights can be a matter that is more complicated than you might first assume it would be. Take, for example, that you lease a piece of property and it is discovered that there are minerals that rest within it. Since you leased out the property, does that mean that the minerals unearthed are no longer yours? The answer is no, the minerals within the property still fall unto your ownership by the statutes of the law. If you put it this way: say you own a shell and loan it out for whatever purpose. The shell is still yours but, through the actions of someone else, a pearl is found within that shell. Does the pearl then belong to you or to the person who, by chance, discovered it? The answer, by your own mineral rights, is you.

It is a complicated affair that requires expert help, due to the nature of the market of minerals within the United States. If you or someone you know is currently looking to sell their mineral rights, it is recommended to seek first the aid of a professional in the field of selling mineral rights in order for you to obtain the fairest and most ideal deal for your property.