Importance of Working with a Good Plastic Surgeon

Beauty has a price, as what a lot of people has been saying lately. With plastic surgery being a mainstream thing, a lot of people have been seeking help to get cosmetic surgery, whether they want to take away years in their features, or to enhance them. Cosmetic surgery has become a big industry, and with the increase in demand, a lot of practices has been put up: however there are those that are not legitimate. Finding a good and legitimate plastic surgeon can be a life and death decision.

Many reports have been made regarding botched operations, some causing severe injuries and even causing death to their patients. One known case of a cosmetic surgery injury is of a man named Vishal Takkar of New York, who suffered from a screwed up operation following a nose job (or rhinoplasty). After 22 surgeries, the cosmetic surgeon Dr. Angelo Cuzalina decided to cut off Takkar’s nose after he determined it had an infection. Now, Takkar is left with a tube in place of his nose, covering it with a medical mask every time he goes out. Besides the physical injury that Takkar has suffered, emotional trauma and losses also haunt him.

As stated on the website of Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery, procedures in most cosmetic surgery (or plastic surgery) tend to be too technical for patients to understand since they are using medical terms and processes. If patients are not fully informed about such procedures and the risks that come with them, they can expose themselves to dangers and life-threatening complications. Even when the surgeon is known and has a license to operate, problems may still arise. Choosing to go under the knife needs more research and information.

Personal injury, particularly on cosmetic surgeries, need to be immediately reported in order to prevent surgeons from further harming other patients. Because of the prevalence of cosmetic surgery and the acceptance of it from people around the world, more and more people are seeking to have their features “fixed”, causing the numbers of injuries from cosmetic surgeries to increase as well. If you have been injured by a negligent plastic surgeon, contact a Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney today to learn more about your legal options.